Poetsch GmbH

O. Hornung and P. Poetsch in 1988
O. Hornung and P. Poetsch in 1988

Your success is our success.

Poetsch GmbH – which is turning and milling machining for the success of our customers.

Your benefit is the huge bandwidth, and production flexibility, ranging from small to large workpieces, as well as from the prototype or item to series production.

The Poetsch GmbH was founded in 1986 by brothers Olaf Hornung and Peter Poetsch in Remscheid. In 2001, the head office founded by their father in 1974 was taken over.

The use of the rational CNC-technology has been since its inception in 1979.

Continuous new investments secure the quality that is required by our customers and provide the technical capabilities to produce products efficiently and cost effectively.

Poetsch is currently employing 30 qualified employees on a production area of 2000 m².